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But, if it weren’t for my children, I’d have thrown myself from the highest window in the Red Keep. They’re the reason I’m alive. Even Joffrey.  

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that boy you just called gay? well he is gay. he’s your boyfriend. both of you are gay. how do you keep forgetting this, jeffery

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Game of Thrones S04E02 | Joffrey

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because you’re a lannister: probably the contents of tywin’s ipod.

the rains of castamere - the national | rains of castamere - malukah | the rains of castamere - karliene | the rains of castamere (dronelife cover) - irisarri | the rains of castamere (red wedding edition) (cover) - dan becker | the rains of castamere - major revan | the rains of castamere - alannamatty | father figure - george michael


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straight people: um that’s not homophobic!! homophobic means ‘scared of gay people’ :) he only said all gay people are subhuman abominations he’s not scared of them it’s not homophobic!! :)

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